Miss Starstruck National Pageant

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Miss Starstruck National Pageant System is a fast growing pageant system like no other! Our system is all about our contestants gaining self confidence, poise, growing a passion for community service, and learning skills that will help them later on in life. Aside from competing for the chance to win absolutely spectacular prizes like gorgeous custom crowns and cash, our contestants will make friends and memories that will last a life time!

Is experience required? There is absolutely no experience required to become a part of our pageant system at the State or National level. With our one of a kind scoring system, every contestant will have the same chance. Our selection committee does not take modeling or attire in to a count. It is all about facial beauty and personality! 

How are the Queens chosen? Contestants will be judged on facial beauty, overall appeal, and personality by a highly qualified selection committee. For our age division and supreme queen titles, the contestant's Beauty, Casual Wear, and Personal Introduction score will be added together and used. 

What are Supreme Queens? Our supreme queen titles will be awarded to the 3 contestants with the highest scores overall. You do not have to participate in any optional categories to be considered for this. 

Is this a "glitz" or "natural" pageant system? Miss Starstruck National Pageant System is not a "glitz" or "natural" pageant system. We are "Starstruck"! Contestants 0-6 years old are not allowed to wear any noticeable make up. Contestants 7 years old and up can wear light make up. Fake hair is not allowed unless worn on a regular basis. Stay "light" and "pretty"! Be you! 

Are contestants required to stay at the pageant host hotel? It is not required to stay at the pageant hotel but our contestants are offered a special room rate if they choose to do so. 

How do I choose my attire? While choosing your attire for the pageant, please keep in mind that attire is not scored. You do not need a "fancy" or custom clothing to win big. You can find your attire at any department store or children's boutique. Our system does not have any rules on dress length, color, or style. We ask for contestants to choose clothing that is age appropriate.

Do contestants need to hire a professional coach or instructor? Professional coaching is not necessary to be a part of the pageant. We provide our contestants with all the information and tools they need to be able to do their best on pageant weekend. We encourage all of our contestants and their families to go over all of the information listed on our website and feel free to contact us with any questions before the event. 

Do Queens sign a contract? Our State and National Queens are required to sign contracts. Our State Queen contracts state that Queens will attend Nationals, make at least one appearance in their community before Nationals, and follow our rules and regulations throughout their reign. Our National Queen contracts state that Queens will attend Nationals the following year, make at least 3 appearances in their community throughout their reign, and follow our rules and regulations throughout their reign. 

Is it required to sell ad pages for the National program book? It is not required for contestants to sell ad pages but selling ad pages is a great way to retain sponsors to help pay for your pageant entry fees. The deadline for ad pages is 14 days before the event. 

How do I register to participate in an upcoming State or National Pageant? To register to become a part of your state pageant, please visit our "How To Enter" page. We will need each contestant to fill out a registration form with basic information and submit a mandatory non refundable deposit to secure their spot in the pageant. The balance of the entry fee is due at contestant registration at the pageant. You also have the option of paying the entry fee in full.

Still have questions? Contact us!