Miss Starstruck National Pageant

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Central Florida Mini State Pageant 

The first 5 contestants to pay their entry fee in full can compete for only $100!!! ($25 savings)

To register to be a part of one of our Pageants, please fill out the form below and submit your $95 deposit using the "Buy Now" button.

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Registration & Rules and Regulations 

Please read our Rules & Regulations before registering for our pageant. Not following our Rules & Regulations 

~ Our number one rule is GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. Please treat others they way you want to be treated! Security will be present to escort anyone who is not following this rule out of the event. 

~ By registering and being appointed a Title, you are REQUIRED to come to Nationals and will be emailed a contract at the time of registration.

~ We are NOT a glitz or natural pageant. We are a Starstruck pageant! Please keep hair and make up light and pretty! We do not allow fake hair, fake teeth, etc. There is NO make up allowed on contestants ages 0-6 years old. 

~ We welcome and encourage hair and make up and coaching vendors to join us but you must contact us and ask permission before advertising you are attending the event. We only allow licensed businesses to be a vendor at any one of our events.

~ Contestants ages 0-3 years old must have a parent with them on stage/near the stage at all times. 

~ There is NO PHOTOGRAPHY of the stage allowed during the event. We will have a professional photographer taking stage shots. Photo packages will be available for purchase. 

~ All photos taken at the pageant can be used for promotional use. 

~ All judges decisions are final. Score sheets will be mailed one week after the event to the mailing address you provided when registering for the event. 

~ Everyone who attends the event (besides the contestant) must purchase a ticket. Ticket prices are listed on our "Pageant Information" page. Tickets can not be purchased in advance. 

~ We encourage our Queens to make appearances in their community throughout their reign. Appearances only count if the Queen is wearing their crown and sash. All appearances must be approved through the National Office. It does NOT count if you made an appearance at the same event representing another Title on the same day! 

~ Our National Queens are REQUIRED to stay after the event to take promotional photos and sign a contract. We do NOT have a non compete clause but we do ask that permission is asked before competing in another pageant. We expect our Queens to act as a Queen should! No inappropriate photos, profanity, bashing, or fighting on social media, etc. This INCLUDES parents! Our system focus on promoting the positivity in Pageantry. 

~ Our National Age Divisions Queens, Community Service Queen, Beauty Supreme Queen, Casual Wear Supreme Queen, Ultimate Grand Supreme Queen, & Mega Ultimate Grand Supreme must sit out of the system for one year. All other National Royalty (Optional Winners) CAN compete during their year of reign. 

~ All payments made to "Starstruck Productions LLC" are non refundable and non transferable for any reason!