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Miss Starstruck National Pageant

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Being a part of one of our National Pageants is an absolutely amazing experience! In addition to competing for the chance to win spectacular prizes like gorgeous crowns, banners, trophies, and cash, contestants will make friends and memories that will last a life time!

East Coast National Pageant July 19th-22nd 

Red Lion Hotel Kissimmee, Florida (1 Mile from Walt Disney World)

West Coast National Pageant August 2nd-5th 

Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino 

206 North 3rd Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Age Divisions 

Contestants must compete as the age they were at the State Pageant. 

Baby Miss 0-23 Months

Toddler Miss 2-3 year olds 

Little Miss 4-6 year olds

Petite Miss 7-9 year olds 

Junior Pre Teen Miss 10-12 year olds 

Pre Teen Miss 13-15 year olds 

Moms Divison (open to moms of all ages)

To qualify to be a part of one of our National Pageants you must be a reigning Queen or apply to become a Queen. To learn how to apply to become a Queen, please visit our "Registration" page.

Mandatory Categories 

Contestants are required to participate in all 3 mandatory categories. 

Formal Wear

Formal Wear counts as 1/3 of your overall score. Each contestant will go on stage individually and given their moment to shine in a dress of their choice. Our Formal Wear category is an elegant and prestiges experience the contestant will never forget! 

Casual Wear

Casual Wear counts as 1/3 of your overall score. Each contestant will go on stage individually in a casual outfit of their choice. An outfit the contestant would wear to school or to hang out with friends is what should be worn. 

Personal Introduction 

Our Personal introduction category counts as 1/3 of your overall score. This category gives contestants the opportunity to introduce themselves to the judges and audience. Contestants are given 30 seconds to say their name, where they are from, and one interesting fact about themselves. Contestants 0-3 years old are not required to speak. For this category, contestant will wear our official "Starstruck" shirt and black bottoms of their choice.

Optional Categories 

Contestants are not required to participate in any optional categories. 


A school photo, professional photo, or cell phone photo can be entered. No heavily retouched photos. Photos can be any size. 

Interview (ages 4 & up)

This category gives the judges the opportunity to get to learn more about the contestant. Each judge will ask the contestant one age appropriate question. No political or religious questions will be asked. 


This category is very different and fast pace. Contestants wear something you would see on the runway during New York Fashion Week. Each contestant will walk on stage, stop in the middle, pose, and walk off. 

Outfit Of  Choice 

Contestants can wear anything they would like. It can be casual, formal, or a costume. You can send in music of your choice. Be creative and have fun with it! 


Contestants can sing, dance, twirl baton, etc. Show the judges what you've got! 

Optional Pajama Party & Pageant 

Break out your favorite pair of pajamas and come join us for a fun evening of music, games, and candy! It is free to contestants to attend but if they would like to compete for their chance to be crowned Pajama Party Queen, you pay an entry fee in to the pageant portion. We will award one Pajama Party Queen who will receive a beautiful crown, banner, and gifts!

Optional Contestant Seminar 

The evening before the pageant, we hold our contestant seminar. During the seminar, our National staff go through every category with the participates. They will receive positive critique from our 3 "mock" judges and the National Director. 

Optional Patriotic Pageant 

This is a fun themed "mini" pageant! Contestants can wear anything they would like as long as it incorporates Red, White, or Blue! We will award one Patriotic Queen who will receive a beautiful crown, banner, and gifts! 

Optional Grand Gala Party & Grand Gala Pageant 

Our Grand Gala "Cocktail" Party and Grand Gala Pageant is a magnificent and elegant event! Queens must wear a black dress. Princess themed drinks and refreshments will be served! Our Grand Gala Party is free for contestants to attend. If they would like to participate in the Grand Gala Pageant, you must pay an entry fee in to the pageant portion. We will be awarded 2 Grand Gala Queens who will receive a gorgeous crown, banner, and gifts! 

National Pageant Schedule


Queens Outing Day! 

East Coast National Pageant 

All of our State Queens are invited to come join us at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom! It is going to be a magical day of photos, rides, and fireworks! We do have a group rate for park tickets but you are not required to purchase them from us. It is required that you purchase our 2018 Official "Queens Outing Day" shirt by July 10th to be worn to Magic Kingdom.

West Coast National Pageant 

We are still in the process of planning our "Outing Day" for our West Coast National Pageant Contestants. Stay tuned!


Contestant Registration 5:00PM 

Optional Contestant Seminar 6:00PM 

Pajama Party & Pageant 8:00PM


Contestant Registration 8:00AM 

Interview Category 9:00AM 

Fashionista Category 10:00AM 

Outfit Of Choice Category 11:00AM 

Talent Category 12:00PM 

Optional Crowning & Awards 12:30PM 

Contestant & Staff Lunch Break 

Optional Patriotic Pageant 2:00PM 

Grand Gala Party & Pageant 6:00PM 


Contestant Registration 9:00AM 

Personal Introduction Category 10:00AM 

Casual Wear Category 11:00AM 

Contestant & Staff Lunch Break 

Beauty Category 1:00PM 

National Queens Crowning & Awards 2:00PM 

Entry Fees 

The National Pageant entry fee is $395. Your entry fee includes all 3 mandatory categories and all 5 optional categories. A $95 deposit is due at the time of registration to secure your spot in the pageant. The remaining balance of the entry fee is due at contestant registration at the pageant.

Extra Optionals
Shirt for Personal Introduction & Crowning (mandatory) $25
Side Awards (awarded in each age division) Prettiest Eyes, Best Hair, & Best Dressed $25 to enter all 3
Qualify for Mega Ultimate Grand Supreme Queen $35
Grand Gala Pageant $35
Patriotic Pageant $35
Contestant Seminar (training for the big weekend) $35
Pajama Party Pageant $35 
We do offer a sibling discount. $35 comes off the remaining balance of each contestants entry fee. 
The Contestant Seminar, Pajama Party Pageant, Grand Gala Pageant, and Patriotic Pageant must be paid for in advance. All other optionals must be paid and registered for at contestant registration at the pageant.